Direct laser engraved sleeves

Livio Simionarto, Managing Director, NuMaber

"Direct engraving using the Flexostar Printmaster from Lead Lasers, gives us the ability to take high resolution graphic images, and in a single process, we can reproduce that image into a continuous elastomer printing sleeve, having Perfect Dot Formation".

Livio Simionarto                                   Managing Director                           Nu-Maber s.r.o. Italy


The advantage of Direct Computer to Print

The advantage of Direct Computer to Print

Fast overall process with a simple digital workflow.

Total digital dot creation controls dot shape, relief depth and dot height

Direct engraving of ITR seamless continuous sleeves

Direct engraving eliminates washout and drying process

Perfect registration of plates and sleeves

'Cal-Kwik' automatic material calibration for engraving Polymer or Elastomer

'Perfect Balance' automatically re-balances the print form for high-speed printing