About Lead Lasers

Lead Lasers, founded in 2001, is a Dutch company which designs, develops and builds High Quality Direct Laser Engraving (DLE) systems. 

Our focus as a DLE solution provider is concentrated on participants in the market of:
- Flexible packaging (e.g. Trade Shops / Printers / Converters)
- Anilox engravers
- Special packaging / engraving companies (e.g. Embossing)
- Elastomer consumables (LaserDot)

Our team of experts has a broad experience in DLE which has been built up since 1985.  In these years of technology innovation we have built-up a broad experience in CO2-and YAG Fiber lasers and filed several application patents.

These technologies and experiences are built into a broad range of high performance machines which all share the same Lead principles:  A robust, easy to operate and maintain DLE machine which engraves at high speeds with high quality at a low cost of ownership. 

Beside the serial production line we also have a separate production line for customized machines. All the disciplines are concentrated in one facility located in Tilburg, the Netherlands.

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The advantage of Direct Computer to Print

The advantage of Direct Computer to Print

Fast overall process with a simple digital workflow.

Total digital dot creation controls dot shape, relief depth and dot height

Direct engraving of ITR seamless continuous sleeves

Direct engraving eliminates washout and drying process

Perfect registration of plates and sleeves

'Cal-Kwik' automatic material calibration for engraving Polymer or Elastomer

'Perfect Balance' automatically re-balances the print form for high-speed printing